7 Tips To Prevent Malware On Your Computer

1. Do Not Be Intimidated Or Fooled By Scare Tactics They come in all forms and shapes. I will give you some examples below, but generally let me say that you should never install anti-virus or anti-spyware or anti-malware software from untrusted sources. My personal recommendation for Windows users is this malware protection software combination: Read more about 7 Tips To Prevent Malware On Your Computer[…]

Monthly PC Maintenance Checklist

Here’s a monthly PC maintenance checklist that you can use as a guideline to maintaining your computer and keeping it happy. Perform a Full-System Antivirus Scan Double-check that your antivirus program is up-to-date with the latest virus definitions and perform a full-system scan to verify that your system is still clear of any Trojans, viruses, Read more about Monthly PC Maintenance Checklist[…]

Is Your Lenovo Infected With Superfish Adware?

Users on Lenovo’s forums have discovered that the Chinese company has been preloading some consumer PC models with a software called Superfish Visual Discovery. In short, the software tracks your searches and browsing habits (even on secure sites) and uses this information to place additional advertisements on the sites you visit. It’s unclear what models Read more about Is Your Lenovo Infected With Superfish Adware?[…]

Choosing A Password. Stronger Is Safer

We spend more of our lives online these days: online banking, social networking, shopping – all of which require passwords to keep our accounts and information safe. It’s absolutely vital to choose good, powerful, passwords that aren’t easy to guess to keep our details safe and secure. While it’s unlikely that you’ll be directly targeted, Read more about Choosing A Password. Stronger Is Safer[…]