7 Tips To Prevent Malware On Your Computer

1. Do Not Be Intimidated Or Fooled By Scare Tactics They come in all forms and shapes. I will give you some examples below, but generally let me say that you should never install anti-virus or anti-spyware or anti-malware software from untrusted sources. My personal recommendation for Windows users is this malware protection software combination: Read more about 7 Tips To Prevent Malware On Your Computer[…]

Monthly PC Maintenance Checklist

Here’s a monthly PC maintenance checklist that you can use as a guideline to maintaining your computer and keeping it happy. Perform a Full-System Antivirus Scan Double-check that your antivirus program is up-to-date with the latest virus definitions and perform a full-system scan to verify that your system is still clear of any Trojans, viruses, Read more about Monthly PC Maintenance Checklist[…]